Setup Guide: Mailer Settings

Recommended settings per mailer

This section gives information on Asahi Net’s recommended mailer settings to enhance security, and how to actually send/receive email.

Before you make settings, please confirm the following.

  • Please keep your mailer always up to date in order to use our email service safely. Use of OS and mailer which are no longer supported by the manufacturer is extremely risky for security reasons.
    Asahi Net cannot give guidance on how to set up an OS or a mailer which is no longer supported.
  • To send and receive email, please use the encryption function of POP over SSL/TLS and SMTP over SSL/TLS, and SMTP authentication.
  • See the following page for more details on how to set up Asahi Net’s email services.

Email Client Settings


Windows 10 Mail App
Microsoft Outlook (365/2019 or Later)
Outlook 2016 (version 1810 or later)
Outlook 2016
Outlook 2013
Thunderbird (Version 91 or later)
Windows Live Mail

Support has ended. Please use another mailer.

  • *Thunderbird (a free mailer) is recommended.

Mac OS (Macintosh)

Mail 10.3 for macOS Sierra Version 10.12
Standard Mail App (Mac OS X 10.11 or older) Support has ended. Please update it to the latest version.


Asahi Net cannot give guidance on how to set up mailers which are no longer supported.
If you have questions, or for more details, please contact the developer, manufacture, etc.

iPhone / iPad(iOS 14)
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