Asahi Net docomo Hikari

What is Asahi Net docomo Hikari?

Asahi Net docomo Hikari is offered by NTT docomo and is a fiber-optic line service using the FLET’S Hikari lines of NTT East and NTT West. The Internet provider for the service is Asahi Net.

When making your application, please state you will use Asahi Net as your Internet provider.

Recommended for these types of user

1.Families using docomo

Docomo’s “Hikari Pack” is for those who have high data traffic volume needs. The higher the traffic volume, the larger the discount. This is suitable for families with several members who want to share the available traffic.

E.g. A maximum discount of 3000 yen is available to those who contract with Docomo for their “Hikari Share Pack 30” Docomo Hikari Pack. For details, visit this Docomo page.

2.Long-time users of docomo

Docomo’s “zutto docomo wari“ is a discount for those who have been with docomo for at least six years, and is recommended for those who intend to use docomo for even longer. *1

E.g. If you use Docomo for over 15 years and use their “Hikari Share Pack 30” you can receive a 2000 yen /month discount. For details, visit this Docomo page.

Ultra-high-speed & High capacity!

IPv6 Connection Feature brings you
a high capacity network platform

Asahi Net docomo Hikari is an ultra-high-speed fiber optic internet with a maximum communication speed of 1 Gbps. In addition, IPv6 Connection is offered as a standard feature.
You will be able to enjoy a high capacity network platform employing IPv6 network along with the conventional IPv4 network.
Whether you are a PC or smartphone user, you can enjoy Asahi Net docomo Hikari.

What does IPv6 supported mean?
Asahi Net has started offering IPv6 Connection Feature. Now, you will be able to enjoy video (Netflix, YouTube), Facebook, various services offered by Google, etc. that support IPv6 feature.

Conventional Network IPv4 → Advanced Network IPv4 + IPv6

Bundled home Internet and smartphone for greater savings !

Docomo’s “docomo Hikari pack” bundles the home fiber-optic service (Asahi Net docomo Hikari) with NTT docomo’s smartphone service, offering discounts and great savings.


Docomo’s “docomo Hikari pack” bundles the family’s smartphones, home fiber-optic line and Internet provider (Asahi Net) at a discounted rate providing you with great savings. “docomo Hikari pack” can be used when the smartphone monthly charge is greater than 1000 yen (tax-excluded) .

Asahi Net docomo Hikari Usage Charges

These are the charges for “Type B” docomo Hikari that Asahi Net supports. For Hikari Pack charges, please visit the Web site linked below.

Monthly Usage Charges

  Family Course
Mansion Course
Docomo Hikari monthly charge

5400 yen

4200 yen

  • These are the Docomo Hikari charges for a 2 year fixed-term contract. Without the 2 year fixed-term contract the monthly charge will be higher; an extra 1500 yen for Family Course, an extra 1,000 yen for Mansion Course. For details, please visit the NTT docomo Web page.

The steps to using the service

If you are currently using a FLET’S Hikari linearrow

If you are not currently using a FLET’S Hikari linearrow

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How may I apply for Asahi Net docomo Hikari?
  • May I change to Asahi Net docomo Hikari from the Asahi Net Internet connection service I currently use?
  • How may I pay Asahi Net docomo Hikari service charges?
  • What procedures do I need to take at Asahi Net for the Asahi Net docomo Hikari service?
  • Should I apply for Asahi Net docomo Hikari, will I be able to continue using my Asahi Net email address?
  • Is it possible to change from the “Asahi Net au Hikari” service to “Asahi Net docomo Hikari”?
  • I’m currently not using Asahi Net, I’m using another Internet provider. Is it possible to change my provider to Asahi Net when I make a docomo Hikari application?



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Docomo Hikari is a trademark or registered trademark of NTT Docomo, Inc.

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