How to Send/Receive Email with Outlook 2016
(version 1810 or later)

  • This page explains the steps to send and receive email with Windows Microsoft Outlook 2016 (version 1810 or later).
  • The items referred to with brackets (= [ ]) in this guide are unique data to each customer.
    In actual settings, please replace them with your own information.
  • The [ASAHI Net User ID] used in this guide as an example is [ab4t-ash].

How to receive

Click the Send/Receive All Folders icon 「送受信」アイコンin the top left.


How to Send

新しいメール (= New Email)

Click the 新しいメール (= New Email) icon 「新しいメール」アイコンin the top left.



A window for creating a new email will appear. After entering the address, subject and the main body, click the 送信 (= Send) icon.「送信」アイコン


If you are sending a test mail, enter your email address in the address field and send it to yourself.
If you successfully receive the test mail, your setup is done.

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