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This page is for users of Asahi Net All Apartments Plan, with instructions on connection settings and other information.

Internet Connection settings

User Name for Internet Connection User
Password for Internet Connection*1*2 Password corresponding to User Name for Internet Connection
Authentication Method CHAP
DNS (Name) Server Addresses Set to Automatic
  1. *1If you see "Already set in the NTT router, no entry is needed" in Settings for Internet Connection section of the Asahi Net User ID and Password Notification sheet, you do not need to take any actions. You can start to use the internet after connecting the device to your computer.
  2. *2Password for Internet Connection is case sensitive and must be input in half-width letters.

Using a NTT Hikari Denwa router

Please read before configuration

Connection settings vary depending on the router. For details, please refer to the user’s manual of the router. In the following webpages, instructions on how to configure Hikari Denwa router PR-500KI are shown as an example.

Using an off-the-shelf router

Referring to the user’s manual of your router, configure settings as shown in the Connection settings table at the upper part of this page.
For operational instruction of your router, please contact its manufacturer.

For those without a router

Connect to internet using PPPoE function built in the OS, or FLET’S Connection Tool software. For details on configuration of each OS, please refer to the following webpages

  • *For All Apartments Plan, User Name for Internet Connection and corresponding Password (Password for Internet Connection) is used for internet connection settings. For users of All Apartments Plan, please enter the User Name for Internet Connection for User Name and Password for Internet Connection for password as indicated in the Internet Connection Settings table on this page, instead of Asahi Net User ID and Asahi Net password, as instructed in the following configuration guide webpages.
  • *Password for Internet Connection is case-sensitive and must be input in half-width letters.

Configuration guide for PPPoE software (Windows)

Configuration guide for PPPoE software (Mac)

Password for Internet Connection

In order to ensure security of members’ personal information, Asahi Net does not disclose passwords through our Customer Support.
If you have forgotten your password, please read the notes below and request for a password change.


  • Once you request for a password change, your current password will no longer be effective as it will be changed to a new password.
  • Please keep a record of the new password, as it will not be sent to you in other forms of notification, such as email or a written document.

An easy 6 step guide to change your Password for Internet Connection

  1. STEP1

    You can check or change your registered information in My Page.

    My Page
    • *Your Asahi Net ID and password are required.
  2. STEP2

    Proceed to Your contract information page

    Click Confirm/Change button in the Confirm your usage status field in the Services User Page.

  3. STEP3

    Proceed to All Apartments Plan contract information page

    Click the Change button on the right side of All Apartments Plan in Your contract information.

    • *When you click the Change button, you will be forwarded to a new page
  4. STEP4

    Proceed to change Password for Internet Connection

    Click the Change password button indicated in the Procedures column in Application / Contract.

  5. STEP5

    Change Password for Internet Connection

    Change Password for Internet Connection to an arbitrary password

    • *Password can be a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 32 letters consisting of alphabets (uppercase, lowercase), numbers and symbols. Symbols that can be used are as follows:
      ! % & ' ( ) * + , / ; < = > ? -
    • *Please keep a record of your new Password for Internet Connection as it will not be sent to you in other forms of notification.
  6. STEP6

    Change settings for internet connection

    Configure settings for internet connection using the Password for Internet Connection that you have entered in Step 5.

    For details on settings, please refer to Connection Settings Guide for Hikari Denwa Router.

Operating environment of IPv6 Connection Feature

You do not need to adjust settings to use IPv6 Connection Feature. Please refer to the following webpage for details on the operating environment required for IPv6 connection.

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