Windows 10 Connection Settings

This is a connection setup guide for those using Windows 10 on the following services: FLET’S Hikari Next, FLET’S Hikari Light, B FLET’S, FLET’S ADSL.

Before setting up

You can connect with NTT's FLET'S fiber-optic lines by using the PPPoE feature in Windows 10. (Please do not install any Japanese software you have received from NTT or other PPPoE software.)
In order to connect with the FLET’S line, there is a need to install the fiber-optic line and have the contract for a matching connection course.

  • *If you are using a router, this setup is not required.

Setting up broadband connection (PPPoE)

  1. STEP1

    Start Menu

    Click Start WindowsIcon and select Settings SettingIcon

    STEP 1 image

  2. STEP2


    Click Network & Internet.

    STEP 2 image

  3. STEP3


    Click Network and Sharing Center.

    STEP 3 image

  4. STEP4

    Network and Sharing Center

    Click Set up a new connection or network.

    STEP 4 image

  5. STEP5

    Set up a new connection or network

    Select Connect to the Internet and click Next.

    STEP 5-1 image

    If a message “You are already connected to the Internet” shows up

    Select Set up a new connection anyway.

    STEP 5 image

    If a message “Do you want to use a connection that you already have?” shows up

    Select No, create a new connection and click Next.

    STEP 5-2 image

  6. STEP6

    Connect to the Internet

    Click Broadband (PPPoE).

    STEP 6 image

  7. STEP7

    Type the information from your Internet service provider (ISP)

    STEP 7 image

    User name Asahi Net
    f.Asahi Net
    • *If using the Fixed IP Address Option
    Password Corresponding Asahi Net password
    Remember this password Place a check mark
    Connection name Any name (e.g., Asahi Net)
    • *User name and password must be entered all in lowercase letters.

    After typing in the information, click Connect.

  8. STEP8

    Establishing connection

    The internet connection test will start. Please wait awhile.

    STEP 8-1 image

    Connection to the internet is established. Click Close and your connection setup is completed.

    STEP 8-2 image


To connect to the internet next time, please follow the instructions below.

Click the connection icon connectionIcon in the taskbar and click the connection (e.g., ASAHI Net) you just created.

Connection image

Select Dial-up, click the connection you just created (e.g., ASAHI Net) and click Connect to connect to the internet.

Connection image 2


If you wish to disconnect, click the connection icon connectionIcon in the taskbar.

Disconnect image 1

Select Dial-up, click the connection you just created (e.g., ASAHI Net) and click Disconnect to disconnect from the internet.

Disconnect image 2

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