How to Set Up Mac OS X v10.8/10.9

Before setting up

You can connect to the internet with FLET’S lines using the PPPoE function in Mac OS X 10.8/10.9. In order to connect with FLET’S line, the line has to be installed, and you have to subscribe to the respective course (course change, new application).

New setup/Change settings

  1. STEP1

    Network setup

    Go to Apple menu and select System Preferences.


  2. STEP2

    System Preferences

    In System Preferences, click the Network icon.


  3. STEP3


    When the Network window is shown, click the “+” sign in the bottom left-hand side of the panel.


  4. STEP4



    Interface Select PPPoE
    Ethernet Ethernet (USB Ethernet)
    Service name Any name
    Example: ASAHI net

    Set up as shown above and click Create.

  5. STEP5



    PPPoE service name Leave it blank
    Account name Asahi Net
    f.Asahi Net
    • *If you have a fixed IP address
    Password Password which corresponds to the above Asahi Net ID. (lowercase letters, numbers and symbols)
    Remember this password Optional
    Show PPPoE status in menu bar Place a check mark (recommended)

    Set up as shown above and click Advanced.

  6. STEP6



    IPv4 configuration Use PPP

    Set up as shown above.

  7. STEP7


    Enter the information of internet service provider (ISP).


    DNS server Leave it blank (auto setup)

    Set up as shown above and switch to PPP.

  8. STEP8



    Connect automatically when needed Place a checkmark (recommended)
    Prompt every [ ] minutes to maintain connection Optional
    Disconnect when user logs out Place a checkmark (recommended)
    Disconnect when switching user accounts Place a checkmark (recommended)

    Set up as shown above and click OK.

  9. STEP9


    Setup is completed. You will get connected by clicking the Connect button.


How to disconnect

Click Disconnect.


You can also disconnect by first clicking the <…> icon in the menu bar in the upper right-hand corner of the display, and then by selecting Disconnect Asahi Net.


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