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About this page

This page gives information to individual users on how to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for Personal Homepage Service and FreeAddress server, and how to use CGIs such as access counter.

How to use Personal Homepage Service/Setup guide

Precautions for building a website

You can find information on Asahi Net’s Personal Homepage Service, how to build a website, and the precautions for creating files.

An excess charge will be incurred when you exceed the website (homepage) space included in the basic charge. The uploaded website space can be checked in My Page.

Basic information

FTP transfer (upload) is performed through FFFTP, Fetch, etc. which supports the FTP protocol.
Set FTP software as follows.

FTP server
FTP user name Asahi Net ID
E.g., ab4t-ash
FTP password Asahi Net password which corresponds to the ID
Forwarding directory (folder) Personal Homepage Service*1
  1. *1The index (home) address when transmitting files to this directory is “ Net ID/”.
  2. *2The index (home) address when transmitting files to this directory file is “”.

Website (homepage) address after uploading

Address which becomes the index of a website (homepage) Personal Homepage ServiceネットID/

How to set up FTP software

Available CGIs and functions

This website server allows you to use non-Asahi Net CGIs and functions.
Asahi Net does not allow the use of CGI and SSI built by Asahi Net members for security reasons.

List of registered MIME types/How to register

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