How to Use Personal Homepage Service and Precautions

About this page

This page gives you information on how to use a website and its precautions in Personal Homepage Service and MMJP Web Hosting Service.

Before using

Asahi Net does not give support-related information on how to write HTML, Java Script, etc.
Please build a website by referring to related books and webpages.

Steps to open your website

The following steps are required to open a website with Asahi Net.

  1. 1.Create HTML files and image files with a text editor or a software for building a website using a computer.
  2. 2.The extension of HTML files should be either html or htm and save them in your computer (e.g., index.html, index.htm).
  3. 3.Upload (or transfer) the created HTML files and image files to the website server with an FTP software.
  4. 4.Check if your website is correctly showing in a browser.

Notes for building a website

File name and directory name

There are the following points for how to name your files and directories.

  • You can only use half-width characters (numbers and letters), periods “.”, hyphens “-”, and under bars “_” for file name or directory name.
  • Period “.” and under bar “_” cannot be used for the first letter of a file name or a directory name.
  • The system distinguishes lowercase and uppercase of file name and directory name.*
    Please note that abc.html and ABC.html are handled as different files.
  • You can use up to 63 characters for a file/directory name.
  • File/directory name cannot contain: Japanese characters (hiragana, katakana, kanji, etc.), half-with katakana, spaces, and special characters( ! @ # ` ~ $ % ^ & * ( ) + = \ : ; ' " ? < > , / )
  • *File names will be in lowercase when they are uploaded (transferred) online.

File name of a home (index) page

Index file or a file which will be the starting page of your website and transferred to the initial directory of FTP server shall be index.html or index.htm.
The HTML file name which you wish to show as the home page of your website should be index.html or index.htm.

Subscribed website service Initial directory of FTP forwarding server Hierarchy within the server Address which becomes the index of a website (homepage)
Subscribed website service homepage homepage
┗index.html Net ID/
FreeAddress freeaddr/name1/name2 freeaddr
MMJP Web Hosting htdocs htdocs
┗index.html MMJP name/
SSL Server htdocs htdocs
┗index.html MMJP name/ *
  • *If subscribed to MMJP Web Hosting
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