FTP Software Setup

About this page

This page gives you information on how to set up the FTP software for uploading (transferring) website files (data) and its precautions.

Usage precautions

  • If you are performing FTP through a router (e.g., router type ADSL modem, broadband router), PASV mode has to be set in the FTP software. You may not be able to set the PASV mode depending on the FTP software.
  • A restriction may be put (e.g., FTP port restriction) depending on the network in use. Please check with the network provider regarding restrictions.

Settings for each FTP

Windows software

Mac software

Precautions specific to Mac

  • Please note not to add Mac binary* when transferring files with FTP.
  • Files with Mac binary may not be processed normally depending on the browser.
  • In such case, errors (e.g., corrupted character strings, image files not showing correctly, etc.) may occur in HTML files.
  • *Mac Binary is a file saving format specific to Mac.
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