Personal Homepage Service

Create your own website for free

Service Overview

Personal Homepage Service is a service which allows Asahi Net members to create their own website if they are subscribed to the applicable service.
Amount of free space depends on the subscribed service.

Service details

Website address of the Personal Homepage Service

There are two types of homepage address available.

  • ID
  • (our FreeAddress service)
  • 1*Can also be browsed on http sites.

It is possible to release a homepage for each address, however, your homepage space will be calculated based on the total space usage for both addresses.
See the following page for more details on FreeAddress Service.


The size of the homepage space depends on the Course and Plan the member is using. Should the total size of files in the homepage space exceed the allocated size, an additional homepages space usage charge will apply.

Connection Method Plan/Course Homepage Space
Basic Capacity Additional Homepage Space Usage
FTTH All Plans 100MB 198 yen per month per 5MB
ADSL All Plans 100MB
Mobile All Plans 100MB
A Plan 25MB
B Plan 50MB
S Plan 100MB
Dial-up S Plan 100MB
K1 Course 10MB
Mail and Blog 10MB

About excess homepage usage

How homepage space usage is calculated

In order for your homepage to function properly, each file is assigned 4 Kilobytes of space to be used for indexing, directories, etc. Therefore, the amount of space used to host your homepage is in fact larger than the combined size of all your files. Note: 1 Megabyte is equal to 1,024 Kilobytes.
Please use this link to confirm your current homepage space usage.

  • *Your Asahi Net ID and password are required

Homepage space excess

On an arbitrary date between the 1st and 15th of every month, Asahi Net measures the amount of disk space used, and charges accordingly for excess homepage space usage. If your homepage usage exceeds the amount of homepage space allocated to the Asahi Net Course and Plan you are using, excess usage charges will be made at a rate of 198 yen (including tax) per 5MB unit of excess.


See the FAQ of the service via the following page.


  • You can update your personal website (homepage) by uploading files via FTP. CMS such as WordPress and Movable Type cannot be used.
  • CGIs not provided by Asahi Net cannot be used in the Personal Homepage Service.
  • If you wish to use the Personal Homepage Service for commercial use, make sure to indicate the website administrator's Asahi Net email address (the domain name should be or on the website.
  • Asahi Net's Personal Homepage Service prohibits certain contents to be published. See the following page for more details.

*All charges shown on this page include tax.

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