FreeAddress Service

Create your website with letters and numbers of your choice

Service Overview

FreeAddress Service is a service which allows you to use letters and numbers of your choice for part of your website URL.


  • You can choose up to 63 characters for the URL of FreeAddress Service. Letters, numbers, hyphen (-) and period (.) could be used. Hyphen and period cannot be used as the first or last letter, or cannot be used consecutively (e.g., .. or --).
  • FreeAddress is provided on first-come-first-served basis. You cannot use the address which is already used by another Asahi Net member.
  • Please note that if the address is once decided, you cannot make changes later on. Make sure to double-check the address you entered when applying.
  • Your address can freely be decided, but your request may be declined if Asahi Net determines not appropriate (e.g., if the name has the potential of serious misinformation, mislead, etc.)
  • You can also use the Personal Homepage Service ( ID) together with the FreeAddress Service.
  • Different contents can be published on the FreeAddress URL and the Personal Homepage URL ( ID), but your website space will be the total of the two URLs.
  • In your FreeAddress Service website, you cannot directly use the CGI on your Personal Homepage ( ID) website. You need to set up the CGI within the FreeAddress Service website.
  • After you apply for the FreeAddress Service, Asahi Net will send you an email when the service is ready for use. Please note that it may take eight hours the longest until your application is completed.

Application for FreeAddress Service

Apply Online (Members)


Apply by Phone


Open Hours 10 a.m-5 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays

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