All-Japan Access Point

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  • This page gives you information on how to connect to the internet using the All-Japan Access Point, and the precautions.

All-Japan Access Point

All-Japan Access Point is available with a V.90/K56Flex-supported 56 kbps analog line.

Setup/Usage precautions

  • If the service is not used in DIal-up S Plan, an excess charge will be billed if you exceed the basic connection time.
    See the following page for more details
  • All-Japan Access Point is unavailable for regular phone lines (some public phones) which cannot call 0088.
  • Caller notification number is not necessary for analog lines (V.90/K56Flex).
  • Local phone service's discount services such as NTT's TeleHodai, Time Plus, i-Plan, etc. cannot be used.
  • All-Japan Access Point is available regardless of phone company registered in MYLINE or MYLINE PLUS.
  • If you dial 122 (the number to remove MYLINE) before dialing the number of All-Japan Access Point number, you will not be able to connect.

New connection setup

User name*1 Asahi
Password*1 Password which corresponds to the above Asahi Net ID
Access Point phone number 0088-33-0011
Authentication 0088-33-0011; PAP
DNS server address Automatic
  1. *1 User name and password should all be entered in lowercase.

Connection setup using an analog modem/a terminal adapter

Before setting up

An analog modem or a terminal adapter has to be installed to your computer beforehand.
To install driver, see the manual of your device.

Connection setup using a dial-up router

Use the above connection setup information to set up your dial-up router.
Depending on the device model, the connection to All-Japan Access Point may continue if you do not set to disconnect automatically.
In such a case, you may be charged for your connection time.
If you are not intending to use in that way, set to disconnect in 5 to 10 minutes.
See the manual of your device for details on how to set up.

Email setup via All-Japan Access Point

If you are sending email via the All-Japan Access Point, you can only use Asahi Net's outgoing mail server.
See the following for email server details.

List of telecommunications carriers which can connect to the All-Japan Access Point

You can find the list of telecommunications carrier which can connect to the All-Japan Access Point and call charges (phone charges) in the following page.

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