All-Japan Access Point

Access Point Phone Number

All-Japan Access Point phone number

For analog 56k (V.90, K56flex) and ISDN64K 0088-33-0011

Usage Charges

All-Japan Access Point (for analog 56k (V.90, K56flex) and ISDN64K)

  Internet connection charges Connection charges (call charges)*1 *2
Basic connection time Excess charge 0088-33-0011
M Plan 5 hours 5.5 yen/min 11 yen/every 3 min
(8:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m.)
11 yen/every 4 min
(11:00 p.m-8:00 a.m.), etc.
A Plan 8 hours 5.5 yen/min
B Plan 15 hours 3.3 yen/min
S Plan Unlimited None
Billed by Asahi Net Respective telecommunications carrier
  • *NTT East/West, etc.
  1. *1Charges for calls made from public phone/mobile phone are different. Please check with your telecommunications carrier on details of communication charges (phone charges).
  2. *2If you are subscribed to Dial-up K1 Course, you can connect up to 15 hours (the basic connection time).


Connection setup

See the following page for details on connection setup.

To check your connection time

You can find your connection history in the following page. If you connect to the All-Japan Access Point, the information for each PPP connection will be shown as All-Japan Access Point. Please check the connection history after establishing your connection to see if the setting is correct (it takes about one hour until the latest connection information to show up).

Note: Your Asahi Net ID and password are required to check your connection time.

*All charges shown on this page include tax.

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