How to Complete macOS v10.15 Dial-up Connection Settings New Settings

Before Making Settings

Connect mac and analog modem to complete necessary wiring.

New Settings

  1. STEP1

    System Preferences Settings

    Select System Preferences from Apple menu. (Or click System Preferences in Dock.)

    Apple menu > System Preferences

    Dock > System Preferences

  2. STEP2


    Click Network in System Preferences.

    System Preferences > Network

  3. STEP3

    Select modem

    Select the modem you are using from the modem list.

    Network > Select modem

  4. STEP4


    Click Advanced… after entering the values.

    Network > Select modem > Click Advanced… after entering the values

    Telephone Number 0088-33-0011
    Account Name Asahi Net
    Password Asahi Net password corresponding to the ID
    (Use lowercase characters)
    Connection Name Any name (E.g., Dial-up connection)
    Show modem status in menu bar Put a check mark
  5. STEP5


    Click Modem.
    For Dialing, select Tone or Pulse in accordance with the analog phone line you are using. For ISDN, select Tone.

    Network > Advanced... > Modem

  6. STEP6


    Click DNS.
    Leave the field for DNS Servers and Search Domains blank.

    Network > Advanced... > DNS

  7. STEP7


    Click WINS.
    Use default name for NetBOS Name and Workgroup. Also, leave the field for WINS Servers blank.

    Network > Advanced... > WINS

  8. STEP8


    Click Proxies.

    Network > Advanced... > Proxies

    Select a protocol to configure Remove all check marks
    Exclude simple hostnames Remove the check mark
    Bypass proxy settings for these Hosts & Domains Leave the field blank
    Use Passive FTP Mode (PASV) Put a check mark
  9. STEP9


    Click PPP.
    Use default settings for each check box.
    After checking the settings, click OK.

    Network > Advanced... > PPP

  10. STEP10


    After returning to the Network window, click Apply.

    Network > Select modem > Apply

  11. STEP11

    Connection Test

    Perform a connection test if there is no problem with the connection.
    Click Connect.

    Network > Select modem > Connect

    When connection is established, the Status becomes Connected.
    Click Disconnect to end the connection test.

    Network > Select modem > 
Check if the status is connected > Disconnect

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