FLET’S Hikari Cross
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Connection Setup

See the following Setup Guide for more details on how to set up your connection and router, and precautions.


Request Procedure-related Information


FLET'S fiber-optic line by NTT

FLET’S Hikari Cross is a fiber-optic line service offered by NTT East/West.
Asahi Net provides just the ISP service. In order to use the service, you need to separately subscribe to NTT East/West.


See the following page for more details on moving procedure.

Cancellation-related Information

This section gives you information on the cancellation request procedure of the FLET’S Hikari Cross Service.

  • Monthly charge will be fully billed for the month of cancellation.
  • If you wish to terminate your Asahi Net membership, there is a need to make a membership termination request after cancelling all your subscription services.
  • "Asahi Net cannot accept your cancellation request for NTT FLET’S fiber-optic line. Please contact NTT.


Cancellation of subscription service

Make a cancellation request in My Page.
See the following page for more details on how to make a request.

*All charges shown on this page include tax.

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