FLET'S Hikari Cross | docomo Hikari 10 Gbps

This page gives Asahi Net members information on how to make application/change their subscription service, and various request procedures including how to check contract details.

  • FLET'S Hikari Cross
  • docomo Hikari 10 Gbps
  • Asahi Net FTTH with FLET‘S East Japan Cross Course

Steps to Start Using

Before applying, please check if your area is applicable.

  1. STEP1


    How to apply depends on the service you are subscribing. See the respective service page for more details.

  2. STEP2

    Asahi Net will send you the contract details via postal mail

    After your application is accepted, Asahi Net will send you two notifications:

    • Notification Regarding Your ID/Password
      (this only applies to new Asahi Net Members)
    • Notification Regarding the Contract Details

    Please store the two documents in a safe place after you confirm the details.

    If you applied for docomo Hikari 10 Gbps, NTT docomo will send you a Notification Regarding Line Construction before the construction date.

  3. STEP3

    Fiber-optics line construction

    The line construction will be carried out.
    You will need to be present during the construction.

    Depending on the location and the building you live in, extra time may be required until the day of construction.

  4. STEP4

    Installation of 10 Gbps supporting rental router

    Please turn ON the switch of 10 Gbps supporting rental router and connect to ONU before the service start date.

  5. STEP5

    Delivery of connection settings information

    On the service start date, the connection settings information will be delivered automatically.

    Once the delivery of connection settings information is completed, you can immediately start using the service.

  6. STEP6

    Start using the service

Device Configuration

The following diagram shows how to connect devices for FLET'S Hikari Cross/docomo Hikari 10 Gbps.

Fiber-optics consent -1- ONU -2- 10 Gbps supporting rental router -3- PC,SP

  1. 1.Connect ONU to fiber-optics consent with fiber-optics cable. The line construction personnel will do these installation works for you together with the line construction.
  2. 2.Connect ONU and 10 Gbps supporting rental router to WAN 10G with the included LAN cable, and switch ON the router.
  3. 3.Connect your device (computer, smartphone, etc.) to 10 Gbps supporting rental router with LAN or wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).


  • If your LAN cable, computer, or smartphone is not supporting 10 Gbps, the supporting speed for each device/cable will be the maximum communication speed.
  • LAN cable for computer is not included in the service. If you are connecting computer to the 10 Gbps supporting rental router, a LAN cable (category 6 and above; should be prepared separately by the user) is required.
  • Please be aware when connecting your computer to the 10 Gbps supporting rental router's LAN port: only one port (LAN 4) of the router (XG-100NE) (NTT East website. Japanese only) supports 10 Gbps.
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