VoIP Adapter: Adapter Mode

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This page gives you information on how to set up the ADSL modem (router type)/broadband router & VoIP (adapter mode) for using the IP-Phone-C. The information on this page shows how to use the adapter mode in VoIP adapter when connected to the internet using a broadband router.

Before setting up

  • See the manual of the router/modem to set up.
  • You have to be connected to the internet to use the IP-Phone-C.
  • UPnP function should be enabled on a UPnP supported broadband router or a router-type ADSL modem beforehand.
  1. STEP1

    Wire up VoIP adapter and computer (client)

    Connect the IP-Phone supported device, computer, and your broadband router with cables. Please note that wiring at actual use of IP-Phone and wiring at setup may be different. Please refer to the following image for wiring.
    See also if the ACR (LCR) function is disabled on your phone device.


    1. *1For Type 2, communication does not go through a splitter.
  2. STEP2

    LAN settings on your computer (client)

    If you are setting up for the first time, set your computer (client).
    The settings are in DHCP and NAT/NAPT.
    No setup is needed if your LAN is already set up.
    See the manual of your device for details on how to set up.

  3. STEP3

    VoIP adapter (adapter mode)

    Set up the adapter mode on VoIP adapter.

  4. STEP4

    IP-Phone setup

    Set up your IP-Phone while you are connected to the internet.

    After completing the setup, check your device’s lamp status if it is correctly connected.
    See the manual of your router/device for details.


    Correct status

    電源 (= Power) Green light is on
    VoIP Green light is on
    WAN Green light is on
    LAN Green light is on
  5. STEP5

    Changing the wiring

    After setting up, change the wiring by referring to the following image.


    1. *1For Type 2, communication does not go through a splitter.

How to use

See the following for how to use IP-Phone-C.

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