Cannot send/receive email

1Check the internet connection of your PC/smartphone/tablet

Please check if your PC/smartphone/tablet is connected to the internet.

Still having

2Check the settings of the mailer

Please refer to the settings guide if the mailer you are using is properly set up.

  • If you have changed the Asahi Net password, you also have to change the password of your mailer to a new one.
  • The same Asahi Net password is used for: mailer setup, My Page login, connecting to the internet (PPPoE).

If you are not sure of your password, refer to the following page.

Still having

3Contact us

Take a note or a screenshot of the error (if any) and please contact Asahi Net English Support.

Technical Support

Connection Setup/Trouble

Online form

Inquiries are accepted 24/7. Feel free to use the form anytime.

Technical Support Inquiries

Phone (English Customer Support)


10 a.m-5 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays

  • *Toll free number can only be called from within Japan. If you need to contact us from abroad, please use the Online Form.
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