Cancellation-related Information

This section gives you information on the cancellation request procedure of subscription service.

  • You can choose either the end of the current month or the following month to cancel your subscription service.
    If you are using the Voice SIM, cancellation for the end of the current month should be requested by the 15th of every month.
  • If you wish to terminate your Asahi Net membership, there is a need to make a membership termination request after cancelling all your subscription services.

Steps for cancellation

  1. STEP1

    Cancellation of subscription service

    Make a cancellation request in My Page.
    See the following page for more details on how to make a request.

  2. STEP2

    Returning of SIM Card

    After the cancellation is completed, the SIM card has to be returned.
    Please check the email Asahi Net sends you for the address to return the SIM card.

If you are using Voice SIM How MNP transfer works
(If you wish to keep your ANSIM phone number for the mobile phone provided by other company)

  1. STEP1

    Issue an MNP reservation number

    Issue an MNP reservation in My Page. Your MNP reservation number will be shown in My Page when you get the number.

  2. STEP2

    Apply for MNP tranfer for the service you wish to switch to

    Apply for MNP transfer with the mobile phone company you plan to switch to.

    • *The expiration period of MNP reservation number is 15 days including the date issued. If the number is expired, you will have to reissue an MNP reservation number again in Asahi Net My Page.
  3. STEP3

    Subscription with Asahi Net ends

    The date of cancellation refers to the day when the transfer to the other mobile phone company is completed.

  4. STEP4

    Return the SIM card

    SIM card has to be returned when the cancellation is completed.
    Please check the email Asahi Net sends you for the address to return the SIM card.

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