FLET'S ADSL Connection Service
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Important notice for members who are using the FLET’S ADSL Service

New applications are no longer accepted after September 12, 2023.
The service itself will be closed as of January 31, 2026, in accordance with the end of ADSL service provided by NTT East/West.

See the following page for more details.

Connection Setup

See the following Setup Guide for more details on how to set up the FLET’S ADSL connection and router, and precautions.



Please contact NTT in English (NTT East 0120-565-950, NTT West 0120-064337) to confirm your line contract.
If insufficiency is found in the compatibility test after the application, process for service opening may be delayed. We recommend you to check with NTT in advance.
It is a survey to check your phone line for ADSL compatibility, if fiber-optic line is not used, and to confirm the line subscriber.

Line compatibility check is to survey the lines operated by NTT EAST/WEST. The check is on the desk survey, and customers usage environment (how device is installed; wiring situation for customers' residence) will not be considered. Please note that ADSL may be unavailable due to causes (line quality, distance to local telephone office) which cannot be determined in this check.

If you wish to check the line quality as a reference to use the ADSL, you can check in following NTT pages.
>> NTT EAST: Telephone Line Situation (Japanese)
>> NTT WEST: Line Information Disclosing System (Japanese)
Type 1 is where an existing telephone line is used for both ADSL data communication and voice calls. In fact, both ADSL data communication and voice calls can be made at the same time on the same line.
Type 2 is where a new line is supplied for ADSL data communication only. Voice calls through the telephone network cannot be made on a Type 2 line. Type 2 may need a new installation of ADSL line. In that case, you may be requested to be present at the installation.

Request Procedure-related Information

Change the Dial-up connection plan

If you wish to change to a free dial-up connection plan which is attached to a connection service, please contact Asahi Net English Customer Support.
See the following page for more details on Dial-up connection plans.

Cancellation-related Information

This section gives you information on cancellation request procedure of FLET’S ADSL.

  • You do not need to take the cancellation procedure for FLET’S ADSL.
    If you wish to change your subscription service and apply for another connection service, FLET’S ADSL will automatically be cancelled as you start to use the new service.
    If you wish to terminate your Asahi Net membership, there is a need to make a membership termination request after cancelling all your subscription services. When your membership is terminated, FLET’S ADSL will be cancelled automatically.
  • Monthly charge will be fully billed for the month of cancellation.

*All charges shown on this page include tax.

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