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This page is for users of a FLET'S ADSL line.


User Name*1 Asahi Net User ID@atson.net
E.g. ab3c-defg@atson.net
Password*2 The password for the User ID
Authentication Method PAP
DNS (Name)
Server Addresses
Set to Automatic
  • *If designation of addresses is essential, please use:
  1. *1A modified User Name is required if using our Fixed IP Address Option.
  2. *2User name and password should all be entered in lowercase.

Connecting with PPPoE or NTT's FLET'S Connection Tool

Before setting up

  • Connects to the internet using the PPPoE function of OS, or the FLET’S connection tool.
  • See the manual given by NTT East/West on how to install and use the FLET’S connection tool. If you have any questions, please contact NTT East/West.

How to set up PPPoE (Windows)

How to set up PPPoE (Mac)

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