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Connection Setup

See the following Setup Guide for more details on how to set up your connection.

Asahi Net docomo Hikari 1 Gbps

Asahi Net docomo Hikari 10 Gbps



Regardless of whether you are currently using Asahi Net or wanting to make a new application for Asahi Net, by making an application with NTT docomo for docomo Hikari, any procedures at Asahi Net will automatically be carried out and completed.

Asahi Net will contact you should there be a need to confirm your Asahi Net contract. Please note that should we be unable to contact you, the procedures will not be completed.

There is no cancellation charge.
Please note that if you are cancelling Asahi Net docomo Hikari, you are required to contact both docomo and Asahi Net.
Yes, it is possible. However, you will first need to cancel Asahi Net au Hikari. Please contact Asahi Net before doing so to confirm the steps you need to take.

Asahi Net will contact you regarding the cancellation procedure.

Request Procedure-related Information


Apply for Asahi Net docomo Hikari by visiting your nearest docomo shop, or via the NTT docomo website, or by phone.
See the following page for more details.

Contract change

To change your docomo Hikari-related contract details, you have to make a request to NTT docomo. Asahi Net cannot accept your change request including address change in case of moving, etc.


This section gives you information on the cancellation request procedure of Asahi Net docomo Hikari Service.

  • If you are cancelling Asahi Net docomo Hikari, you need to make a cancellation request to NTT docomo.
  • If you wish to terminate your Asahi Net membership, there is a need to make a membership termination request after cancelling all your subscription services. After you cancel NTT docomo, please terminate your Asahi Net membership.

Optional Services

*All charges shown on this page include tax

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