Precautions for Membership Termination and
How to Terminate

This section explains about the precautions for Asahi Net membership termination and how to terminate.

Date of termination

Asahi Net processes termination requests for the end of the current month for requests made by the 15th of every month.
Termination requests made and accepted after the 15th will be processed to be terminated on the end of the following month.

Billing of usage charges

Asahi Net sends your monthly usage bill for the first to the last day of the month the following month of usage. Also, some services may be billed two months later the actual usage month.
For this reason, please note that you will still be billed after your membership termination.
See the following page for more details on the timing of billing.

Billing of cancellation charge

Depending on your subscription service and its usage period, you may be billed for a cancellation charge. You can check the details in the Asahi Net Contract Details which is issued when applying for your subscription service, or in the Check/Change Contract Information page of your subscription service.

Asahi Net email address

If you terminate your membership, you will not be able to continue using the email address provided by Asahi Net.
If you wish to continue using your Asahi Net email address, please change your course to the following.

Cancellation of subscription service

In order to terminate your Asahi Net membereship, there is a need to first cancel your subscription service. You cannot terminate your membership if you have note completed the cancellation process.
See the following page for more details on cancellation of subscription service.

  • *If you wish to cancel the FLET’S fiber-optic line by NTT together with the cancellation of the service, you are asked to contact NTT separately.

Membership termination

You can check or change your registered information in My Page.

My Page
  • *Your Asahi Net ID and password are required.
  • Please note that if your subscription service is not canceled, your membership termination cannot be processed. If a notice asking you to cancel your subscription service is showing in the membership termination page, please make a membership termination request after you have completed the cancellation of the applicable service.
  • Cancellation of a service does not mean the termination of your Asahi Net membership. Be sure to make a request for membership termination after canceling all your subscription services.
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