Credit Card Payment

Asahi Net accepts credit card payment for all services.

Credit cards you can use

Cards issued by any of the following credit card companies and owned by an Asahi Net service subscriber can be used.
JCB, VISA, Mastercard, Diners, American Express, DC, UC, NICOS, JACCS, Rakuten, Saison.

Handling fee

There is no handling fee.

Renewal of credit card

If your credit card is renewed due to its expiration, please update your card information to the latest one in My Page.
The following page explains the details of how to change your credit card information.

  • *For most credit cards, the registered Asahi Net information is automatically renewed, but some credit cards may not be able to do so. Please take the necessary procedure for the case where auto-renewal does not work.
  • *Asahi Net sends an “Important notice: Please update your registered credit card information” to members who are using a credit card with an expiration date approaching. Please take the necessary procedure when you receive this notice.

If credit card billing is declined or cannot be completed

If billing cannot be made to the registered credit card, you will be billed through a convenience store payment slip.
Details of convenience store payment slip are explained in the following page.

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