Available Payment Methods

This section gives you information on the payment methods of Asahi Net.

Payment method

The followig payment methods are available in Asahi Net.

Payment method Service Billed by
All services Asahi Net
dokomo Hikari NTT Finance
  • *Billed together with the usage charges for docomo.
FTTH with Flet’s NTT Finance
  • *Billed together with NTT’s line subscription charge.

If you have not registered a payment method, you will be billed through a convenience store payment slip.
See the following page if you received a convenience store payment slip.

Check/change the payment method

Details of how to check/change your payment method are explained in the following page.

How billing to payment works

This section explains the timing when Asahi Net sends your bill.

Asahi Net sends your monthly usage bill for the first to the last day of the month the following month of usage.
Your billing statement can be checked in My Page around the 10th of the following month of usage.
Details of how to check your billing amount/statement are explained in the following page.

Services billed the month after the following month

Some services (mainly voice call charges of telephone services) are billed two months later the actual usage month.

Billing after membership termination

Since usage charge is billed after the following month, you will still be billed after your membership termination.
If Asahi Net cannot bill you via the registered payment method, a convenience store payment slip will be sent to you. Please make your payment using the slip by the payment due date.

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