Mail Service

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Email services for Asahi Net members

Service Overview

Mail Service a free email service for Asahi Net members.
We offer you one Asahi Net email address with letters and numbers of your choice (only half width alphabets and numbers) and a corresponding mail box.
We also offer Web Mail which you can send and receive emails through web browsers, so you can use it anywhere, from any devices (computers and smartphones) connected to the internet.

Asahi Net Email Address

  • Asahi Net members will be issued an Asahi Net email address when they join Asahi Net.
  • The default address will be [*****] You can choose your own letters and numbers for the xxx part. This can be changed later.
  • Letters used in your email address should be lowercase, and symbols you can use are period (.) and hyphen (-). These symbols cannot be used as the first or last letter, or cannot be used consecutively (e.g., .. or --).


See the FAQ of the service via the following page.


  • After you add or change your email address, it may take a few minutes before you can start using the address.
  • The size of the mailbox is 5GB.
  • Received emails are stored in the mailbox server for 180 days.
  • If the mail server is heavily loaded due to sending/receiving of mass amount of email, receiving of email and checking of Web Mail may be restricted temporarily as urgent measures even if it is during the storage period.
  • In order to provide a pleasant experience to our customers, if a massive amount of email sent in a short period of time, a restriction for outgoing communication may be put in place.
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