Spam Filtering Service Auto filtering of unsolicited/spam emailSpam Filtering Service Auto filtering of unsolicited/spam email

What is Spam Filtering Service?

Spam Filtering Service automatically filters and blocks any spam (or unsolicited) email sent to Asahi Net mail address.

Service Details

  1. POINT 1 Easy spam block settings
    Easy spam block settings

    Asahi Net automatically filters spam email and prevents from it being sent to ASahi Net email address.

  2. POINT 2 Filters and blocked address settings
    Filters and blocked address settings

    Any important mail could be filtered, and unnecessary mail could be blocked.
    It can be filtered by email address (sender’s address) or by domain (
    Blocked email will be stored in the ゴミ箱 (= Trash) folder.

  3. POINT 3
    Spam folder

    Email filtered as spam are stored in the 迷惑メール (= spam) folder.

How the service works

How the service worksHow the service works


Asahi Net members could use the service for free.

Steps to Start Using

  1. STEP1 Apply

    Apply for Spam Filtering Service via My Page.
    After your application is processed, you can use the Spam Filtering Service function.

    *An application is required for each mailbox.

    My Page

  2. STEP2 Setup

    Perform the necessary settings via Web Mail.
    Refer to Asahi Net’s Settings Guide for details on how to set up.

  3. STEP3 Start using


  • The service is an optional service for applicable internet connection services, and it cannot be applied for by itself.
  • This service does not guarantee a complete filtering of spam (unsolicited) email.
    In some rare cases, spam email can get delivered to your mailbox.
    Also, necessary email may be determined as spam. In such a case, any email address could be filtered or blocked.
  • We recommend you to check your Spam Folder on a regular basis.
  • Asahi Net will bear no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by the member or any third party for use or non-use of this service, and will not bear the burden of any such loss or damage (Section 16 of Asahi Net Individual Member Service Agreement, Section 14 of Business Service User Agreement).
  • This service is not available for Virtual Domain Email Service.

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