Additional Mailbox

You can have more than one mailbox

Service Overview

"Additional Mailbox allows you to have more than one mailbox.
It is recommended for those who need more than one mailbox, for example, for sorting emails by its purposes."


Initial charge

Initial charges

220 yen

  • *Initial charge is incurred in the month when a mail ID for an additional mailbox has been issued.

Monthly charge

Monthly charge First mailbox 2 or more mailboxes
No charge 220 yen /mailbox
  • *Monthly charge is added to your Asahi Net usage charge starting the following month of when your mail ID has been issued.

The monthly charge for High Speed Mobile (Xi and FOMA) is different. Please refer to the following price list.

High-Speed Mobile (Xi & FOMA)

Monthly charge 1 or more mailboxes
220 yen /mailbox


  • ID and password for the additional mailbox will be notified to your Asahi Net email address in about one business day after the completion of application.
  • ID for the additional mailbox is an 11-digit number (which contains numbers and letters) starting with M.
  • Email address for your additional mailbox will be in a form of For this reason, we recommend you using the MyMail service which allows you to personalize your address with your choice of letters/numbers.

*All charges shown on this page include tax.

Application for Additional Mailbox

Apply Online (Members)

Click and Apply

Apply by Phone


Open Hours 10 a.m-5 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays

  • *Your receipt number will be shown when completing your application. Please keep this number for your records since you will need it when you contact Asahi Net.
    After completing your online application, you will receive an email letting you know that your additional mailbox has been set up. By receiving this email in one business day, you can use your additional mailbox.
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