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This section gives you information of other related request procedures.

Data Charge Up (add data volume)

If the traffic volume of each course reaches its respective limit, the connection speed will be reduced to 200 kbps. In order for you to keep the maximum speed, Asahi Net provides data charge up service to add data volume to your plan.
By applying for data charge up, you can use the internet with the maximum speed as much as the volume you added (charged up).
You can check your data volume and apply for data charge up in My Page.

Data Charge Up price

Plan Charge up unit Price per
charge up
Number of
charging time
3 Giga
7 Giga
20 Giga
50 Giga
500 MB each 550 yen Up to six times
110 MB/Day Unlimited for one day 550 yen

Charges for adding data volume will be billed the following month of application.

Phone/communication record, billing statement

You can find the details of your voice calls and SMS usage in Telephone records in My Page. Billing statement can be checked two months later the actual usage. Billing statement for the latest three months will be shown.
Charges for voice calls and SMS usage will be billed two months later the actual usage.

Trouble when using

Lost or damaged SIM card

If you have lost or damaged the SIM card, the card will be reissued.
In such cases, there is no reduction of charges for the period which you cannot use the service.


Reissue handling fee 3,300 yen

Inactivation due to lost SIM card

If you wish to inactivate the communication due to lost SIM card, please contact Asahi Net English Customer Support.
You can contact us either through General Inquiries or Technical Inquiries.

Faulty SIM card

See the Troubleshooting page for any failure with the SIM card.

*All charges shown on this page include tax.

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