Fixed IP Address Information related to application

If you are using Fixed IP Address Option with a fiber-optic service, you can choose how to connect.

To Use with Fiber-optic Service

You can choose how to connect with for your fiber-optic service: IPv4 connection (PPPoE) or IPv4 over IPv6 (IPIP).

IPv4 Connection (PPPoE)

  • When you are connecting with fixed IPv4 address and there is no specification for a connection method, connect with IPv4 (PPPoE).
  • You can connect with IPv4 (PPPoE) with a general communication device to connect to the internet.

IPv4 over IPv6 Connection (IPIP)

  • IPv4 over IPv6 Connection (IPIP) is a service which suits those who have a certain knowledge for setting up a device, etc. Use this feature when the connection method is specified to IPv4 over IPv6 Connection (IPIP).
  • A supported router is required to connect with IPv4 over IPv6 (IPIP).
    Prepare a supported router written on the following page and make an application.
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