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Your PC could be the next target! What happens when you are hacked and how to prevent it.

What is computer hacking?

Computer can be hacked when someone with malicious intention expoit errors of any softwares (called security holes) and invade into the network. All vulnerable computers to such risks can always be the target.

Hacking can;

  • Steal personal information and files stored into your computer(Identity theft)
  • Taking over your computer as "Substation" to send SPAM and viruses

How to countermeasure identity theft?

Followings are the list of basic rules.

  • Use strong passoword
  • Be aware of SPAM and SCAM
  • Keep your ID and passoword private

Unauthorized access to Social Networking Sites

Recently, there have been some cases of unauthorized access to on SNS, such a s Facebook, twitters and LINE.

Here are some points to protect you from hacking on SNS

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