Closing of FOMA

This service is no longer provided as of October 31, 2023.
Thank you for your interest and use of the service.
For more details, please refer to the following page.

FOMA is a high-speed data communication service which supports NTT docomo’s third-generation mobile phone (W-CDMA). By using a FOMA-supported mobile phone, PC card with communication function, etc., you can connect to the internet with high-speed packet communication of max 3.6 Mbps and data communication of 64 kbps. (The settings are different for each communication. See the Connection Setup for more details.)
Two types of data communication service are offered for FOMA: 1. Packet communication which is charged depending on the data amount used (max download speed 3.6 Mbps); 2. 64K data communication which is charged depending on the connection time. Asahi Net supports both 64K data communication and packet communication. Also, Asahi Net offers the service in all the basic connection courses, meaning that you do not have to make an application or go through any request procedures.

  • Packet communication

    A connection service which allows high-speed data communication of max 3.6 Mbps download*1 (64 Kbps upload).

    1. *1Max download speed 3.6 Mbps refers to max packet communication speed when you use a High-Speed-supported device in a high-speed area.
  • 64K data communication

    A connection service which allows data communication of max 64 Kbps (download/upload) (charged depending on usage time).
    Please contact NTT docomo for more details on FOMA service.

Usage Charges

The bill from Asahi Net is charged by time, which is the same as connections made from a Dial-up Access Point, and charges are calculated as part of connection charges of your subscribed Asahi Net plan. This service can be used in all of Asahi Net’s basic connection courses, and therefore you do not need to make an application or go through any request procedures. Please note that NTT docomo’s FOMA communication charges (packet charges, etc.) are billed separatel by NTT docomo.


If you are an Asahi Net member, you can connect from FOMA if you suibscribe to FOMA service at NTT docomo. You do not need to go through any request procedures at Asahi Net.

Connection Setup

In order to connect from FOMA, you need the following devices.

  • FOMA-supported device (mobile phone/PC card with communication function)
  • PC which a FOMA-supported device can connect to

Connection settings for packet communication

Connecting to (APN*2)
User Name Asahi Net user
Password Asahi Net password
  1. *2See the manual provided NTT docomo and the respective manufacturer for how to set up APN.
  • *PDP Type supports both PPP connection and IP connection.

Connection settings for 64K data communication

Connecting to Access Point which supports ISDN
User Name Asahi Net user
Password Asahi Net password

Usage precautions

You can find your connection history in the following page. If you connect to the All-Japan Access Point, the information for each PPP connection will be shown as All-Japan Access Point. Please check the connection history after establishing your connection to see if the setting is correct (it takes about one hour until the latest connection information to show up).

Your Asahi Net ID and password are required to check your connection time.

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