Termination of Asahi Net Membership

This section explains about the termination of Asahi Net membership.

Termination of Asahi Net membership

Termination refers to cancellation of all Asahi Net services and quitting Asahi Net.

Before terminating your membereship

If you terminate your Asahi Net membership, your contract cannot be restored.
Please note that not only your connection service will be canceled, but you will also not be able to: use our optional services such as security service; check your web mail, website and blog which you created.

You can still continue to use our optional services and mail services even if you switch your connection service to a service provided by other company.
Please check your contract details again, and consider changing to the following service.

Precautions for membership termination and how to terminate

See the following page for precautions for membership termination and how to terminate.

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