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Asahi Net Login ID Types

Asahi Net provides several login IDs by types of service you may use. Following icons indicate four types of ID.

  • IUser ID(eg.: AB4T-ASH)
  • FFamily ID(eg.: AB4T-ASH)
  • MMail ID(eg.: M1234AB567C)
  • FTPFTP ID(eg.: F1234AB567C)

Please have your relevant ID ready when you login. There is no need to enter "".

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FAQs in Account Status category
In what timing would the change of courses/plans take effect?

Start timing depends on a service type that you are changing to.

  • Telephone inclusive services, Dial-ups, and/or mail, blogging service will take effect on the following month of registration. Any fiber-optic, ADSL, ISDN courses will start after the completion of line works.
    ※On the new service initiation month, you will be receiving a bill with the previous course status.
  • If you change payment plans within the same service course, the new payment rate will be applied on the following month of registration.
I forgot my password

Please go to Change/Reset Password to receive a new password.

When will Asahi Net's cashback payment be made?

We will send you the notification to your registered email account. Please refer to "How to process cashback reward" for specific timing and process.