How to get the cash back payment

Thank you for using Asahi Net.
Below, we will explain how you may get the cash back payment.

Account Status and Registered Information

  1. STEP1

    Read the email sent by Asahi Net about the cash back process

    An email about the cash back process will be sent from Asahi Net to your contact email address. Please click the link below to register your contact email address (the registration process is PC and smartphone-friendly):

    Subject: An explanation of Asahi Net's cash back payment process
    • *Your email software may mistake this email for unsolicited email (spam). Please check your email software’s settings if you do not receive the email.

    Should you not register a contact email address the email from Asahi Net will be sent to your Asahi Net email address (the email address issued by Asahi Net).

  2. STEP2

    Take the steps on the “Get Cash Back” page

    Click the URL in the email to access the Get Cash Back (Net De Uketori) page.

    At the login screen, enter your Asahi Net ID and password.

    After logging in, you will be shown the Japanese "Net De Uketori" Web page of our partner Wellnet Corp. Please read about how your personal information will be handled, agree to it, and continue to enter your bank account information as requested on the screen.

  3. STEP3

    Payment is made into your bank account

    After completing the steps on the “Get Cash Back” page, an email confirming the completion will be sent to your email address. The date and time the cash back payment is made into your bank account will depend on the time the steps are completed.

    Completion date/time and timing of payment:
    If a weekday before 14:30, the payment is credited to your account in the same day.
    If a weekday after 14:30 or on a weekend or other holiday, the payment is credited to your account on the next bank business day.

  4. STEP4

    Take receipt of the cash back payment

    An email confirming completion of the cash back process will be sent to your registered email address about the cash back payment.


  • The timing of the email sent by Asahi Net about the cash back process is determined by the campaign and rewards program in effect at the time you made your application. For details, please refer to the Campaigns/Rewards webpage and information made available at the time of your application.
  • Between 1am and 5am on the second Thursday of an even numbered month (i.e., February, April, June, etc.) the Get Cash Back page is unavailable due to periodic maintenance.
  • Should you fail to register your bank account information within 45 days of the sending of Asahi Net’s email about the cash back process, the cash back payment will become void. The email cannot be resent.
  • Email is the only method used to inform you of the cash back process.
  • After making the cash back payment, a record of the payment will remain in Wellnet Corporation's system, in keeping with their policy for the handling of personal information. For details of that policy, please visit Wellnet Corporation's Web site.
  • Please take care entering your bank account information. Should you make an error entering your bank account information the cash back payment may fail to reach your bank account.


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