Mobile Fixed IP Address Option

Service Overview

Fixed IP Address Option is an optional service which you can add to Asahi Net's connection service in order for you to use a fixed IP address.
This service provides you a fixed IPv4 address.

Applicable connection services

The service is an optional service for the following internet connection services.

  • Asahi Net WiMAX 2+
  • Asahi Net LTE
  • High-Speed Mobile (Xi & FOMA)


Initial charge

880 yen

Monthly charge

880 yen

  • *Monthly charge will be billed starting the following month of the service opening month (monthly charge for the service opening month is free).

Service Details

Usage conditions You must set up your connection for Fixed IP Address Option.
Assignment of IP address The IP address assigned when you first connect to the internet will be fixed.

IP address assignment group

  • An IP address will be assigned to each service.
  • You can keep the same IP address even if the place to connect to the internet has been changed.
  • For Asahi Net LTE, if you change your plan from 128 K Plan to another plan or vise versa, your fixed IP address will be changed.

Campaigns & Rewards

Free Fixed IP Address Bundle

Get a free fixed IP address by bundling an applicable connection service (fiber-optic/ADSL internet services) and the WiMAX 2+.

LTE Fixed IP Address Bundle

Asahi Net LTE ANSIM 20Giga Plan or 50Giga Plan + LTE Fixed IP Address Option Monthly charge for LTE Fixed IP Address Option will become 580yen (300-yen discount)
  • *Initial charge for fixed IP address is not applicable to the Fixed IP Bundle Discount.
  • *Discount will be made on the price without tax.

Steps to Start Using

  1. STEP1


    If you are applying for Fixed IP Address Option together with your connection service, make sure to enter your information for the optional service when making the application.
    If you are currently subscribed to a connection service, you can apply for the optional service via My Page.

  2. STEP2

    Router connection setup

    Refer to the following Setup Guide for setting up a connection with fixed IP address.

    After setting up, the IP address assigned to you when you first connect to the internet will be fixed.

  3. STEP3

    Asahi Net informs you of your fixed IP address

    After your IP address has been assigned, you will be informed of your assigned fixed IP address. The fixed IP address will be sent to your Asahi Net email address.

    You will be informed in about 30 to 60 minutes. See the following FAQ on how to check your IP address.


See the FAQ of the service via the following page.


  • This service provides you a fixed IPv4 address.
  • If any of the following activities are found to be associated with the fixed IP address provided to a member, Asahi Net may suspend connection of the member in question without prior notice.
    • Sending spam emails
    • Attacking other computers
    • Using for steppingstone attacks against other computers
  • Access cannot be controlled by IP level filter for fixed IP addresses provided to members. Members are asked to to do so on their own if necessary.
  • Asahi Net does not provide support for establishing/installing a server. Asahi Net does not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any troubles that may arise from establishing/installing a server.
  • Asahi Net is blocking Port 53 (Inbound Port 53). See Inbound Port 53 Blocking (IP53B) for more details.
  • Reverse lookup of the provided IP address: A host name automatically generated in Asahi Net's DNS server will be registered as domain.
    Forward lookup of the provided IP address: Asahi Net does not register forward lookup host name.
  • Your fixed IP address may change due to Asahi Net's circumstances. In such cases, you will be informed beforehand by email.

*All charges shown on this page include tax.

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