Hikari TV for Asahi Net

Indications Based on Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Merchant Asahi Net, Inc.
Representative President HIJIKATA Jiro
Address KABUKIZA TOWER 21F, 4-12-15 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 0120-577-135 (Weekdays, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
Service Name Hikari TV for Asahi Net
Name of the Service Provider NTT DOCOMO, INC.
  • This is a service provided by NTT DOCOMO INC. with Asahi Net, Inc. acting as its sales representative and billing representative.
Operating Officer Tomonori Tanaka, General Manager of Video Service Department
Company Address Sanno Park Tower, 11-1, Nagata-cho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

NTT DOCOMO Hikari TV Customer Center

Telephone: 0120-001144 (toll-free)
Business hours: 24 hours (open 365 days)

Email: support@hikaritv.net

Pricing (Cost of Services)
  1. 1.Plan
    • Specialty Channel/Video Plan: 3,850 yen/month (tax included)
    • Specialty Channel Plan: 2,750 yen/month (tax included)
    • Optional (paid) services will be displayed separately from Plan charges and with tax included.
  2. 2.Rental tuner

    Initial charge for renting a tuner 1,100 yen (tax included)
    550 yen/month (tax included)

    • Rental is possible by entering into a rental contract with NTT DOCOMO.
Costs Other than Service Charges
  • The communication costs for the NTT fiber-optic line and costs for the use of related equipment are required.
  • Please refer to the NTT East or NTT West website for details on the NTT fiber-optic line.
Selling Price (Cost of Services)
  • Please make your payment with a credit card.
  • The timing of your payment depends on the credit card company you are using.
Requirements to Use the Service

Requirements to use the service are as follows:

  1. 1.Fiber-optic line

    FLET'S FTTH line or fiber-optic line services provided by Hikari collaboration provider
    Examples of fiber-optic line services
    FLET'S Hikari, AsahiNet Hikari, docomo Hikari, etc.

    • *Hikari TV is unavailable with the following fiber-optic lines:
      • NTT East/NTT West FLET'S HIkari Next Business Type, FLET'S Hikari Light
      • NTT East FLET'S Hikari Light Plus, FLET'S Hikari Next Prior 10, FLET'S Hikari Next Prior 1
      • NTT West FLET'S Hikari MyTown Next Family Light Type
      • NTT East/NTT West Hikari Denwa Office Type
      • And fiber-optic line services provided by Hikari collaboration provider equivalent to the above
      • Two-tiered fixed rate Hikari access service provided by Hikari Collaboration provider such as NTT docomo's docomo Hikari Type C, docomo Hikari Mini, etc.
    • *Hikari TV is not available for some users who live in apartments using the following fiber-optic lines in the NTT East area:
      • FLET'S Hikari Next Mansion Type Mini B
      • FLET'S Hikari Next Mansion Type Plan 1B
      • FLET'S Hikari Next Mansion Type Plan 2B, etc.
  2. 2.Hikari TV tuner or TV/PC which supports tuner function

    Click here for more about Hikari TV tuners and supported TVs and PCs.

    • Tuners which support Hikari TV can be rented from NTT DOCOMO (paid service).
    • Those who have a TV or PC with Hikari TV tuner function do not have to rent a tuner.
    • Please be aware that some channels or videos cannot be viewed with a PC with Hikari TV tuner function. Click here for more details.
    • To view High Definition (HD) content, you will need a TV or device which supports HD.

    Hikari TV terrestrial digital broadcast services (IP retransmission) can only be viewed by customers in the available area who are using a supported tuner and NTT East/NTT West FLET'S Hikari Next service (with the exception of the business type service). Find more information on available areas of terrestrial digital broadcast services (IP retransmission) and supported tuners on this page. To view the service, you will also need a contract with I-cast, Inc.

Restrictions on Sales Volume, Special Conditions of Sale (Service Conditions), etc.
  • For each NTT Hikari line, up to one Hikari TV tuner or TV/PC which supports the Hikari TV tuner function can be used, and up to one contract of a service plan can be entered into.
  • A service plan contract is required for each Hikari TV tuner or TV/PC which supports the Hikari TV tuner function.
The Period in which the Service is Offered (Transfer of Permissions, Offering the Service)

The video service can be used right away after the operating environment for Hikari TV service is set up and the connection settings are completed. Use of channel service takes a little more time as follows:
[Customers in NTT East area]
About an hour
[Customers in NTT West area]
About 24 hours (If you are using the FLET'S Hikari Next line, it will be about an hour)

  • After the service opens, you will also be able to use the optional services (paid services) via the Hikari TV service screen. Optional services (paid services) could be viewed right after your purchase of the product.
  • You can watch the purchased optional service within the time period the service is made available (as shown in each product).

After your application for a rental tuner has been accepted and its process is completed, it will be sent to you in about two weeks.

[Start of use]
Service opening month refers to the month you make your service application to Asahi Net, and when that information is provided to and shared with NTT DOCOMO.

[Hikari TV Hajimete-wari (first time Hikari TV user discount)]

  • If you apply for the Specialty Channel/Video Plan or Specialty Channel Plan, the monthly charge for the service opening month and an additional one month will be free. You will get a discount of 1,000 yen (1,100 yen, including tax) from your Hikari TV for Asahi Net monthly charge (the price without tax) from the third month to the 24th month, and the initial fee for renting a tuner (1,000 yen (1,100 yen, including tax)) will be free.
  • A usage charge will be billed for any optional (paid) services used in the service opening month or during a charge-free period. Please click here for details of optional charges.
Matters Related to the Agreement on the Cancellation of the Service following the Offering of the Service (Transfer of Permissions)
  • Following the charge-free period the Hikari TV contract will continue and billing will automatically take place for the monthly charge, tuner rental charge and any optional services.
  • Customers who wish to cancel the service must follow the required procedure through their My Page.
  • Return or cancellation of optional (chargeable) services that are being subscribed to is not possible given the nature of the service.
  • If a campaign has been applied, details including sales price may change depending on its conditions.

*All charges shown on this page include tax.

Application for Hikari TV for Asahi Net

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