Hikari TV for Asahi Net

(Those who have applied before June 28, 2022)

Plans and Charges

Monthly Charges

Oneuchi Plan TV-Osusume Plan Video-Zanmai Plan
Monthly Charges with Ninenwari

3,850 yen2,750 yen

with Ninenwari

2,750 yen1,650 yen

with Ninenwari

2,750 yen1,650 yen

Channel Service

Basic Channel

Kihon Service (Basic service)

Video Service

Basic Mihoudai (Basic Unlimited viewing)


Watch on PC・Smartphone・Tablet*2

  1. *1With the TV-Osusume Plan, titles that are included in the Basic Mihoudai (unlimited viewing plan) Video Service can be viewed as an option (with charge.)
  2. *2To view with a smartphone or a tablet, a web membership registration (free of charge) and downloading of a dedicated application of Hikari TV Dokodemo (free of charge) may be required.

Option Charges

Oneuchi Plan TV-Osusume Plan Video-Zanmai Plan
Channel Service

Optional Channel


Video Service

Video for Rental/Purchase


Video Pack


NHK On-Demand

Marugoto Mihoudai Pack
(All-you-can-watch Pack)


(From 110 yen/video)


Utaihoudai Pack
(All-you-can-sing pack)


24 Hour Pack
(24 hour all-you-can-sing)

550yen/24 hours

  1. *3Depending on inventory turnover, the lowest video charge may change.
  2. *All programs included in NHK On Demand's Marugoto Mihoudai Pack could be purchased on per-program basis (starts at 110 yen/program). (However, the five NHK news programs, Ohayo Nippon, Shogo no News, BS Retto News, News 7, and News Watch 9 are excluded.)

Tuner Charges

To watch Hikari TV, a Hikari TV compatible tuner is required. Rental service of the tuner is available for customers in the NTT East area. Customers in the NTT West area can either use the rental service or purchase the tuner.

Model Triple tuner model

550 yen/month

Viewing Functionality
  • Equipped with Hikari TV and terrestrial/ broadcasting satellite (BS) TV digital tuner
  • Compatible with High-Vision (high definition) channels
  • Hikari TV Shopping
  • Hikari TV Book
  • Hikari TV Music
  • Hikari TV Game
Recording Functionality
  • Optional HDD (hard disk drive) (sold separately.)
  • By connecting an optional HDD enables recording of programs.
  • Triple tuner allows recording of two channels while viewing another channel simultaneously.

You can check your contract details and make various requests from the following page.

* All charges shown include tax.

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