How to Check Your Registered IP-Phone-C Information

Before checking

Only members who applied for IP-Phone-C and received an email sent by Asahi Net informing the completion of IP-Phone-C registration can check their registered information.

Checking procedure

  1. STEP1

    Go to contact

    Open a browser window.
    Enter the address in the address bar and press Enter.


  2. STEP2


    Enter the following information in the dialog window shown.
    User name: Asahi Net ID which uses the IP-Phone-C (e.g., AB4T-ASH, U1234AB567C)
    Password: Asahi Net password which corresponds to the ID

    Click OK.


  3. STEP3

    Check the registered information

    Click IP-Phone-C Contact.


    You can find your registered information as follows.


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