Internet Connections Settings for ADSL Modem-SV

Internet connection setup

Before setting up

This page gives you information on how to set up the internet connection on ADSL Modem-SV.
The information is based on ADSL Modem-SV (firmware version: 01.04), Windows XP and Internet Explorer (for Windows).
The same settings apply to Macintosh computers and other OSs.

How to set up

  1. STEP1

    Open a browser window

    Open a browser window.
    Enter the address “” in the address bar and press Enter.


    Enter the information to log into the modem (in case of ADSL Modem-SV; user name: user; password: user (factory default)) in the dialog window shown and click OK.


  2. STEP2

    基本設定 (= Basic settings)

    Set up as follows and click the 設定 (= Set) button.

    Operating mode
    NAT router
    Connection user name
    Asahi Net
    Connection password
    Asahi Net password which corresponds to the ID
    ADSL IP address/netmask
    Your phone device
    If you are using a caller ID display-supported phone device, ナンバー・ディスプレイ機能あり (= Yes)
    If you are using a phone device not supporting caller ID display, ナンバー・ディスプレイ機能なし (= None)」
    Subscription for call waiting service
    If you are subscribed to a call waiting service, select 契約あり (= Yes)
    If you are not subscribed to a call waiting service, select 契約なし (= None)
    Dial type of phone line
    Check the dial type of your subscribed phone line and choose manually.
    DNS server address
    Leave it blank
    Note: Enter the following information only if you cannot view a webpage after connecting to the internet.
    プライマリ (= Primary):
    セカンダリ (= Secondary):


  3. STEP3

    再起動 (= Reboot)

    The page will be switched.
    Click the 再起動 (= Reboot) button.


  4. STEP4

    再表示 (= Page refresh)

    After rebooting, click the 再表示 (= Page refresh) button.


  5. STEP5

    Check connection status

    In the left menu under 表示 (= View), click 機器状態・ログ (= Device status/Log).


    If 確立 (= Established) is showing under PPPoEの状態 (= PPPoE state), the line is connected and synched.


    And finally, if the lamp status is as follows, the internet connection setup is complete.
    After connecting to the internet, set up the phone function.


    Correct status

    電源 (= Power) Green light is on
    ADSL Green light is on
    PPP Green light is on
    LAN Green light is on
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