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This page gives you information on how to set up the connection for FLET’S ISDN line.

Connection setup

User name i.Asahi NetID@atson.net
(E.g., i.ab4t-ash@atson.net, i.u1234ab567c@atson.net, i.c1234ab567c@atson.net)
Password Asahi Net password which corresponds to the ID
Phone number*1 1492 (no area code)
Authentication PAP
DNS (Name)
Server addresses
  • *If you have to designate an address, use the following:
  1. *1Make sure to set to 1492. Please be aware that if you set the access point phone number, the FLET’S ISDN connection will not be applied.

Connection setup using a terminal adapter

Before setting up

  • You will need a terminal adapter which supports FLET’S ISDN. Depending on the model, you may need a firmware version upgrade.
    If you are unsure, make sure to confirm the manufacturer or the distributor/seller.
  • Your computer has to be installed with a terminal adapter driver for SYNC 64K before setting up.
    Please refer to the manual of your model for details on how to install a driver.

Connection setup using a dial-up router

Before setting up

  • Device which you can use should be able to explicitly set up FLET’S ISDN and PAP (Password Authentication Protocol).
    If you are not sure, make sure to contact the manufacturer or the distributor/seller if the device supports FLET’S ISDN and PAP.
  • Use the above information to set up your broadband router. Before setting up, please refer to the manual of your model for details.
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