Closing of Neo-SpamBlock Service

Provision of Neo-SpamBlock Service has ended as of August 9, 2022.
Thank you for your interest and use of the service.

Please refer to the following page for more details.
Start of Provision of Spam Filtering Service

What the Neo-SpamBlock Service Offers

Neo-SpamBlock is a service offering the automatic filtering of unsolicited email (spam) that has been sent to the user's Asahi Net email addresses. The default configuration in place when the service is opened are shown below. It is possible to make changes to Neo-SpamBlock's configuration.

Service Outline

Security Functions Content Default Configuration
Neo-SpamBlock Filter Automated recognition and filtering of unsolicited email takes place resulting in filtered email not being delivered to your Asahi Net email address. Use
Unsolicited Email Folder Email that has been recognized as unsolicited is saved into the Unsolicited Email Folder. If the Unsolicited Email Folder is not used, email recognized as unsolicited will be marked so that when you download it you can easily identify it. Save
Accept/Deny Filter Allows important email to be accepted, unwanted email to be denied. It is possible to do this by the sender's email address or domain name ( -
Applicable email addresses

Configuration Guide

Please refer to the following Web page for a guide to configuring Neo-SpamBlock.

>> Neo-SpamBlock Configuration Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the following Web page for frequently asked questions.

>> Neo-SpamBlock Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • This optional service can only be used as an additional to internet connection services. You cannot apply for this optional service by itself.
  • This service does not guarantee the complete filtering of unsolicited email.
  • It is possible for this service to determine email that is not unsolicited email to be unsolicited email.
  • Email that has been filtered into the Unsolicited Email Folder will be stored there for 7 days before being purged. We recommend users of the Neo-SpamBlock service frequently check the contents of the Unsolicited Email Folder.
  • Asahi Net will bear no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by the member or any third party for use or non-use of this service, and will not bear the burden of any such loss or damage (Section 16 of Asahi Net Individual Member Service Agreement, Section 14 of Business Service User Agreement).
  • Virtual Domain Web Hosting email addresses are not applicable to the Neo-SpamBlock service; please refer to our Super Strong service Web page (in Japanese) for a unsolicited email filter that handles Virtual Domain Web Hosting email addresses.