FLET'S Hikari Light

Monthly NTT charge from 2,970 yen - Modestly priced two-tiered charging system

* All charges listed above include tax.

  • East Japan
  • West Japan

FLET'S Hikari Light

FLET'S Hikari Light is a NTT East/NTT West fiber-optic broadband service offering always-on connection. It offers a two-tiered charging system and is suitable for light Internet users. There is an upper charge set for this service and so even in months of heavy Internet use there is a limit to how much NTT East/NTT West will charge. For details, please refer to the Web pages of NTT East and NTT West.

NTT East's FLET'S Web page

For information about this service’s applicability to IPv6, please refer to the "About IPv6 Connection Feature."

FLET‘S Hikari Light Charges

  Asahi Net
Monthly Charge
Line Monthly Charge
Location Type
FLET’S Hikari Light
Family Course

1,100 yen /month FLET’S Hikari Light Family Type
(200MB〜1,200MB two-tier fixed charge)
2,420 yen〜 5,720 yen ※1
FLET’S Hikari Light Plus Family Type
(3,000MB〜10,000MB two-tier fixed charge)
4,180 yen 〜 6,050 yen
  • * All charges listed above include tax.
  • * These charges are for Asahi Net's M Plan on each Course. The M Plan offers always-on FLET'S Hikari Light connection. Other Plans are available - click the Details link.

NTT East FLET'S Hikari Light Charges

NTT East FLET'S Hikari Light Charges

NTT East FLET'S Hikari Light Plus Charges

NTT East FLET'S Hikari Light Plus Charges

  • * All charges listed above include tax.
  • * The FLET’S Hikari Next charge is the charge after deduction for the Ninen-wari Discount (two-year discount) has been made from the regular charge.
  • *1 You will also need to pay NTT East Japan initial charges.
  • *2 The Basic Charge will be billed if a total of less than 200MB of data communication (traffic) is used on the FLET'S Hikari Light Family line in a month. Please note that depending on your device's settings and software installed on it, it may be possible for your device to make automatic downloads that will result in the total communication traffic exceeding 200MB and traffic charges being billed.
  • *3 The Traffic Charge will be billed for data communication including connections to the Internet for Web browsing, email sending/receiving, etc.
  • *4 Please refer to NTT's statements for confirmation of data traffic volumes and communication charges.
  • *5 Data communication (traffic) will be rounded up to the next 10MB unit.
  • *6 Between 9,900MB and 10,000MB the cost is about an additional 48yen/100MB.

Notes for English Speakers

Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/MacOSX: If you have an English Windows or MacOSX computer, you are in luck because the software needed (PPPoE) is pre-installed. Visit our Configuration Guide to find the settings for Windows and MacOSX PPPoE. Please do not install NTT's Japanese software from their CD into your English Windows or MacOSX computer.

Routers: If NTT has supplied you with a VoIP router, you may configure it to make the Internet connection instead of using PPPoE in your computer. Visit our Configuration Guide for how to configure the NTT VoIP router step by step, in English, with pictures. The documentation NTT supply with their routers is only available in Japanese.

There is no English-language documentation provided by NTT for this service.

The steps to the opening of service

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Those who are already using Asahi Net


* Should you want to apply at the same time for both a NTT FLET'S Hikari line and Asahi Net, please apply for the Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S Course.
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