Service Overview

IP-Phone-C is Asahi Net's IP-Phone service using the VoIP network provided by NTT Communications Corporation.

Supported Courses

Fiber-optic connection

  • Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S Home/Mansion
  • Asahi Net docomo Hikari 1 Gbps Family Course/Mansion
  • FLET'S Hikari Next Family/Mansion
  • FLET'S Hikari Light Family
  • B FLET'S Family/Mansion


  • FLET'S ADSL Course
  • BB Entry
  • Neo-Discount ADSL 12M
  • Neo-Discount ADSL 50M


Initial charge (registration fee) No charge
IP-Phone-C basic monthly charge

220 yen

Device usage charge

The usage charge for an IP-Phone supported device (FLET'S) for Asahi Net FTTH with FLET'S Course, B FLET'S Course, and FLET'S ADSL Course is billed by NTT East/West.
See NTT's website for more details.

Call charges

Where calling Call charges
Asahi Net's IP-Phone-C service users No charge
IP-Phone users of affiliated ISPs using affiliated VoIP platforms*1 No charge
IP-Phone users of affiliated VoIP platforms 8.8 yen /3 minutes*2
Telephone line users in Japan 8.8 yen /3 minutes
Cell phone users in Japan 20.9 yen /minute*3
International calls Depends on the area.*4
E.g.: The United States 9 yen/min (non-taxed)
  1. *Call charges for IP-Phone-C are billed by Asahi Net. Please pay with your Asahi Net monthly charges. Call charges for calls made to regular phone, and basic charges and call charges for your regular phone will billed by the telecommunications carrier you are subscribed to.
  2. *1Applicable services are as follows: WAKWAK (WAKWAK phone), BIGLOBE (BIGLOBE phone (PIN)), Plala (Plala Phone for FLET'S), IIJ4U (FLET'S IP Phone Option), BB.excite (BB.excite phone), ReSET.JP (YourNet Phone), etc. See the list of affiliated VoIP platforms which free calls can be made.
  3. *2See the list of affiliated VoIP platforms for more details.
  4. *3Mobile phone companies which calls can be made to are as follows: NTT docomo, KDDI (au), and SoftBank (calls cannot be made to satellite phones).
  5. *4See the list of call charges for making international calls from IP-Phone-C.

Steps to Start Using

  1. STEP1

    Preparation of IP-Phone supported device

    If you are subscribing the B FLET'S or FLET'S ADSL Course, prepare NTT's IP-Phone supported device. If you do not have NTT'S IP-Phone supported device, make an application to NTT for a supported device.

  2. STEP2

    Apply for IP-Phone-C

    Apply for IP-Phone-C via the following

    • *Please note that depending on the course you are subscribing and its usage status, one to 10 days may be required until you can make your application.
  3. STEP3

    Application Completed email for IP-Phone-C is sent

    After registering your application for IP-Phone-C, Asahi Net will send you an email notifying the completion of your application

    • *In the ULR indicated in the Application Completed email, please check the following registered information of IP-Phone-C: IP-Phone-C phone number (VoIP phone number), IP-Phone-C server name, IP-Phone-C service domain, IP-Phone-C user name, and IP-Phone-C user password.
  4. STEP4

    Set up the IP-Phone supported device

    Connect and set up your IP-Phone supported device. See the following page for more details.

  5. STEP5

    Start using

    See the following page for more details on how to use the IP-Phone-C.


See the FAQ of the service via the following page.


  • IP-Phone-C is a best effort service which requires a broadband internet communication (recommended transmission band: 128 kbps or more). The voice call quality of the service may be reduced depending on the type of usage, connection status, etc. Also, please note that since the calls are made through the internet, communication security may not be ensured.
  • You need an IP-Phone supported device to use the IP-Phone-C Service. Please prepare NTT East/West's IP-Phone-supported device (FLET'S), an IP-Phone TA (telephony adapter), or an IP-Phone-supported device (broadband router).
  • To use the IP-Phone-C, you need one global IP address for your IP-Phone-supported device.
  • You cannot connect more than one phone to your IP-Phone-supported device.
  • Only one IP-Phone number can be registered to your IP-Phone-supported device, and therefore you cannot use more than one IP-Phone-C at the same time with one device.
  • You cannot use an NAT-unsupported application and the IP-Phone-C together in a PC connected to an IP-Phone-supported device.

Some calls made from IP-Phone-C are considered as calls made from a regular phone, and those call charges will be billed from your subscribing phone company. Examples of unsupported numbers are as follows.

  • Calls made to 3-digit number services such as emergency calls (110, 119, etc.)
  • Calls made to numbers starting with 0120 (toll-free), 0570, etc.
  • Calls made to satellite phone
  • Calls made to different VoIP platforms (other than affiliated VoIP platform)
  • See the following page for more details on numbers not supported by the IP-Phone-C Service.
  • If your IP-Phone supported device is not connected properly or if its power is off, calls will be made from regular phone.
  • If you are using a phone device (or an adapter) with ACR (LCR) function, calls cannot be made from IP-Phone if the ACR (LCR) function is ON. Please turn off the function in order to make calls from IP-Phone. It is recommended to remove the adapter (if possible) when using the IP-Phone.
  • If your phone device has a caller number notification function, the device automatically dials "186" when making calls, meaning that calls are made from regular phone. Turn off the function in order to make falls from IP-Phone.
  • The following functions and services are unavailable for IP-Phone-C. If you wish to use any of the following services, dial four zeros "0000" to force to make calls from regular phone.
    • Representative number notification function
    • User information notification service
    • Sub-address notification
    • Branch Agent Number
    • Representative handling service
    • Voice Warp
    • Voice Warp Select
    • Anonymous Call Rejection
    • Dial-In (direct inward calls)
    • Receiving of forwarded phone number
    • Caller ID Display (available when calls are made between IP-Phone-Cs, NTT Comunications' IP-Phone network services (IP-Phone service of affiliated provider), and calls made from regular phone network)
    • Number request
    • Three-way calling

*All charges shown on this page include tax.

Application for IP-Phone-C

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Open Hours 10 a.m-5 p.m., Monday to Friday, excluding national holidays

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