Green Option (Carbon Offset)

Reduce the CO2 emissions

Total amount of green power purchased

517,934kwhGreen Power Certificate

  • *As of the end of March 2024.

Service Overview

Green Option (Carbon Offset) is a service which you can offset the CO2 emission for using the internet by purchasing natural energy.

Power consumption when using the internet Natural energy power which does not emit CO2

Carbon offset

Carbon Offset is a mechanism that addresses the heat-trapping gases such as carbon dioxide that causes global warming, and tries to reduce, or negate, its effect through clean energy businesses, afforestation, forestry preservation, etc.

The concept is to not only reduce CO2 emission through energy savings, but also to use the carbon offset system in order to eliminate and reduce the still emitted CO2. It originated in Europe and has recently found its way to Japan.

Natural energy

Natural energy is energy obtained from natural phenomena such as the sun, wind, water, biomass and geothermal heat. While reserves of fossil fuel energy such as oil and coal are limited, we will not easily run out of the earth's natural energy, and it is said that renewable energy can easily and abundantly be obtained.
Energy conservation (fossil fuel reduction) creates value through the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and, when combined with the value created through the use of natural energy to create electricity, it translates into real environmental value.

Green Power Certificate

Green Power is generated at several sites. At each link you can view the certificates by each time period.

Green Power is generated at several sites. At each link you can view the certificates by each time period.

  • *Asahi Net is taking proceeds from the Green Option charges to purchase natural energy through Smart Eco Energy which are used to fund power generation by natural energy.
    Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA), which is a third-party organization, evaluates and issues Green Power Certification for power generation by natural energy.
    For more about Green Power Certification, please refer to this webpage (in Japanese).


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