Asahi Net Commercial Homepage Service Agreement

Section 1: The Service

  1. 1.Asahi Net's Commercial Home Page Service (hereafter called "the Commercial Home Page Service") is an optional service available to Individual members and Business Service members, allowing them to use the Company's HTTP server for the establishment and operation of their Home Page.
  2. 2.The Company reserves the right to make changes or additions at any time to the type or content of the Business Service.

Section 2: Consent to this agreement

By consenting to this agreement and using the Company's prescribed methods of sign-up for the Commercial Home Page Service, the applicant, if approved by the Company, will be able to use the the Commercial Home Page Service as offered by the Company. The agreement begins from the month in which the member consents to it.

Section 3: Payment of fees

  1. 1.Members using the Commercial Home Page Service will pay the fees determined by the Company for the Commercial Home Page Service in one lump together with any other fees for other services the member is using (Individual Member service or other Business services).
  2. 2.It is possible that, with prior notification, fees for the Commercial Home Page Service will change.

Section 4: Members' responsibility

Members shall take full responsibility for the publication of their Home Page, including responsibility for the settlement of any dispute that may arise from its publication. The member shall bear full responsibility for any loss or disadvantage that the Company may experience due to the content of a member's Home Page.

Section 5: Commercial Home Page content

The following is not permitted to be published on an Commercial Home Page service Home Page:

  1. (1)Anything which breaches the law or has the potential for breaching the law.
  2. (2)Anything for which responsibility is not clear.
  3. (3)Anything which brings, or can be expected to bring, disadvantage upon another member, a third party, or the Company; content which is false, inaccurate or ambiguous with the intention to mislead, deceive, or to encourage misunderstanding.
  4. (4)Anything which oposes the state or monarchy, or which threatens to do so.
  5. (5)Anything that is fraudulent or which may be considered as being in contravention of commercial law, or which threatens to be so.
  6. (6)Anything which damages trust or obstructs business operation, or which threatens to do so.
  7. (7)Any content which the Company deems inappropriate.

Section 6: Removal of Commercial Home Page content

Should the Company judge the content of an Commercial Home Page to be inappropriate, it may, at its own discretion and without prior notification, delete all or part of the content in question.

Section 7: Abolition of the Commercial Home Page Service

For any of a variety of economic, technical, or other reasons, the Company may permanently abolish the Commercial Home Page Service. In this eventuality, the Company shall notify members at least one month in advance.

Section 8: Cancellation of membership

  1. 1.Commercial Home Page Service users are required to notify the Company of intent to terminate use of the Commercial Home Page Service Service by submitting a cancellation request to the Company during the calendar month prior to the final month for which membership is required, using one of the methods of notification specified by the Company. Cancellation becomes effective after the last day of the final month of membership.
  2. 2.When Commercial Home Page Service membership is cancelled, fees, etc. paid up until that time will not be refunded.

Section 9: Effectiveness of this agreement

This agreement shall become effective from the time the Company approves the member for use of the Commercial Home Page Service.

Supplementary Provision
The Agreement shall be effective as of January 1, 2001.

  • *This is a translation of the original Asahi Net Commercial Homepage Service Agreement in Japanese. If there is any conflict between the original and the translation, the original shall prevail.

Asahi Net, Inc.

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