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News and Announcements
2016.10.24A message for all affected by earthquake that hit Tottori Prefecture on 21st October 2016

2016.10.21Apology for Sending Asahi Net Support News (#42) Twice

2016.10.21Contract Renewal Notice

2016.10.03Asahi Net LTE (ANSIM) Rollover Data Service

2016.09.30Asahi Net LTE (ANSIM) maintenance on 6th October 2016

2016.09.28Asahi Net LTE (ANSIM) maintenance on 1st October 2016

2016.09.01A message for all affected by the 2016 Typhoon No.10

2016.09.01Asahi Net LTE (ANSIM) maintenance on 12th September 2016

2016.08.26About spam emails spoofing as Asahi Net

2016.08.05Asahi Net LTE (ANSIM) maintenance on 8th August 2016

2016.07.27National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan announcement

2016.06.23Asahi Net LTE (ANSIM) maintenance on 28th June 2016

2016.06.16Change to Universal Service Fee

2016.06.02Software updates for Asahi Net WiMAX 2+ devices

2016.06.02Closure of Asahi Net ADSL ACCA services

2016.05.27Asahi Net WiMAX 2+ long-term discount

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