Although the Internet is convenient, as you may have seen on the television and in newspaper articles it also has its risks. Some knowledge about the risks will help prevent you from falling prey to them. And that is why we have released this page.

We are working on adding more information regarding the use of bulletin boards, filtering of spam, etc. However we do welcome suggestions for the improvement of this Security Measures page.

Operating System

The maker of your computer's operating system releases patches (updates) from time to time, some to make the operating system more secure.

>> Microsoft - Safety & Security Center
>> Apple - Product Security
>> Google - Online Security Blog
>> Mozilla Security

Unsolicited Bulk Email (spam)

When someone (organizations, companies or individuals) sends the same email to a number of people who had not requested it, that email is regarded as Unsolicited Bulk Email, or more commonly as "spam."

>> What Can I Do About Unsolicited Bulk Email?
>> Neo-SpamBlock Service

Email Scams

Recently there has been an increase in the number of scams using email and postal mail that aim to unfairly charge for the use of services such as chargeable on-line content, "two-shot dial", meeting sites, etc.

To be on the safe side, when receiving such correspondence please pay attention to the following points and act appropriately:

  • Avoid making payments for inquiries you have no memory of
  • Avoid revealing personal information to the source of the inquiry
  • Do not reply to the email unless you are sure of its validity

For more information about email scams, please visit the following sites. Note that these sites are not produced by Asahi Net and therefore we can't be responsible for the information listed on them.

>> Symantec Intelligence

Virus Protection

A virus is typically a piece of computer program that has been written to cause some inconvenience to a computer user or even cause damage to data on the computer or damage to the way the computer operates. Once the virus has entered your computer it inserts itself into other programs that are running on the computer, such as the key programs that run to operate your computer, or the program you use to send and receive email. Therefore, when these programs are run, the virus program is also run, with undesirable results.

>> Virus Protection
>> Asahi Net's Virus Check Service

SSL Encryption

Asahi Net's Incoming mail server and Outgoing mail server support SSL encryption. With SSL, when your email software downloads your email or sends your email, your password and your email messages are scrambled between your computer and Asahi Net's mail servers, and therefore the level of security with SSL is higher than with POP.

To take advantage of the higher level of security provided with SSL, you'll need to use SSL-compatible email software.

>> Email - SSL Encryption

Undelivered Mail

You may occasionally find that you send an email out, but it gets returned to you. In many cases this is caused by a mis-type of the email address.

>> Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

If you find that an email you attempt to send out does not leave your email software's Outbox, this may be because the email address is incorrect.

>> Blocking Receipt of Mail with Invalid Sender's Address