Internet Service Provider in Japan - English Signup and English Customer Service

Internet Service Provider in Japan with broadband connection services (ADSL, fiber-optic, mobile including WiMAX) - English signup, English support!
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Internet Service Provider in Japan - English Signup and English Customer Service!
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Thank you very much for visiting our Web page. Asahi Net is a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Japan. We started our operation in 1990 and now offer broadband fiber-optic, ADSL and mobile (including WiMAX) services as well as many optional services including Internet TV. We have been ranked no.1 for customer satisfaction for 10 years running. We offer support in English on our dedicated 03-3569-3522 phone line and believe we can be trusted based on our experience, results and the pricing of our services. Please contact us in English to find out what we can offer you!
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