How to Set Up iOS (iPhone/iPad) APN Profile

Download APN Profile

  1. STEP1

    Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi, access to this page with Safari, and download the profile corresponding to your iOS version and the plan you are using.

    3 Giga / 7 Giga / 20 Giga / 50 Giga /110 MB/Day Plan (LTE)
    with Fixed IP
    without Fixed IP
    128 K Plan
    with Fixed IP
    without Fixed IP
  2. STEP2

    When a download consent screen shows up, tap Allow.

    • *If you are using iOS 12 and older, it will transfer directly to installation screen. Skip to STEP 6.

  3. STEP3

    When the profile is downloaded, tap Close.

Installing APN Profile

  1. STEP4

    In Home screen, tap Settings.

  2. STEP5

    Select Profile Downloaded.

    • *If Profile Downloaded is not showing, go to Settings -> General -> Profile, and select the profile name which showed up.

  3. STEP6

    Tap Install.
    If a passcode is set, enter the passcode.

  4. STEP7

    Tap Next.

  5. STEP8

    Tap Install.

  6. STEP9

    Tap the Install button.

  7. STEP10

    Complete your installation of APN profile by tapping Done.

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